Kota Banks releases new single ‘Big Bucks’

Kota Banks releases new single ‘Big Bucks’



Rising Australian pop prodigy Kota Banks today shares her brand new single, ‘BIG BUCKS’. Fresh from a high profile collaboration with Norwegian super producer Cashmere Cat on two tracks from his new album PRINCESS CATGIRL (‘Watergirl’ and ‘Without You’) and work on SOPHIE’s 2018 album OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES, Kota says the new song is “both a commentary/satire on capitalism and 21st century greed, and me grappling with/acknowledging that I’m part of the problem.”

Over a relentless hyperpop beat produced by Swick, Banks sings “a wishlist in song form.” She says, ’BIG BUCKS’ is a daydream I had whilst in London about living luxe, wearing designer brands and staying in nice hotels. The lyrics are quite exaggerated, and so in a sense it’s also intended as a commentary on how when this daydream becomes a reality it can be dangerous.

“I love that it’s a dance song; it’s fun for me to put a serious statement on top of a sick beat as against writing a ballad about it. It feels like a cooler way to communicate.”

‘BIG BUCKS’ follows Kota’s recent single ‘20 Missed Calls’, a sassy kiss off embraced by triple j, The Edge and Nova, and added to numerous streaming playlists.

After a swag of buzzworthy tracks and a forward-thinking mixtapePRIZE with long-time producer Swick on Nina Las Vegas’ label NLV Records over the last two years, rising star Kota is releasing her new music with Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Talent and determination have paid off for the performer whose debut hook-laden single Empty Streets’ with MOZA boasts 19 million streams, alongside millions of plays for singles ‘Holiday’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘I’m It’.

With her infectious melodies, clever tongue-in-cheek lyricism, fresh beats and a big dose of confidence, it’s not hard to see whyKota has captured attention. Alongside her own growing catalogue and her Cashmere Cat collaborations, Kota also wrote and performed with groundbreaking producer SOPHIE on the track‘Not Okay’ from the 2018 Grammy Nominated album ‘Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’.

Working with NLV Records on PRIZE allowed me to take huge creative risks and explore my artistry”, Kota explains. But her musical roots trace back much further in time, and much further afield. Kota, who’s half Italian, spent several years from the age of ten in Florence, where she first found her feet on the stage and behind the microphone.

“I would go to the Duomo, which is the big cathedral in the heart of Florence, for singing lessons. They were opera lessons, actually. Growing up, I did musicals and plays and debating at school. I was very much a drama kid.”

Now, oozing self-belief and a vision in her work that belies her 25 years, Kota credits these formative years with not only setting her on her current path to success but for also giving her the strength to put herself out there to begin with.

Empowerment is a common thread through Kota’s catalogue, and she adds a vital voice to a music scene now buoyed by upcoming strong, talented and self-determined women. With much more music to come, the prolific writer also has a few other tricks up her sleeve.

“I’m totally unable to focus on anything else, but when it comes to writing and creating, I can do it for 10 hours a day and zone out of everything else. Where do I find the time? I don’t know, but I just have to. I love it and live it and breathe it.”

Kota will be part of the massive Spilt Milk shows including Khalid, Chvrches, Tones and I, Illy and more. Tour dates below.

Listen to ‘BIG BUCKS’ now.