Introducing Finding Faith Self-Titled Album

Introducing Finding Faith Self-Titled Album

Introducing Finding Faith Self-Titled Album



An Aussie pop star and a Canadian pastor are an unlikely pairing!

Human Nature’s Andrew Tierney and worship pastor Timothy Dunfield have formed Finding Faith, a new pop vocal/guitar duo and song writing team. Tierneyhas resided in Las Vegas for nearly a decade courtesy of the critically acclaimed headlining residency show of Australia’s popular vocal group Human Nature. His duo partner Dunfield is a pastor and musician who resides in Las Vegas working his pastorial duties. Their captivating story is a melding of two very uniquely different lives save for their passion for songwriting and faith.

Andrew’s new found focus on God lead him to restore and cement his practice of faith during a time of deep personal change, growth and need to simplify his life.Andrew says;Tim was the worship pastor at my church in Las Vegas. I asked to audition for the church’s Worship team and I told Tim that music was a huge part of my life.”

Tim confirms; “I had no clue of Andrew’s story and success; so it came as a big surprise to discover who I was actually looking to audition. Needless to say the audition was more like shared song writing and worship leadership mentoring but more importantly, the beginning of an amazing friendship.  We eventually connected with the incredible teams at Sony Music Australia and SHOUT! Music Publishing who have set up sessions with Hillsong writer Dean Usher.”

With soaring vocals and a sound rooted in contemporary acoustic pop, the duo will release its eponymous debut album  (produced by Nick Radovanovic), through Sony Music Entertainment on June 1st which is available to pre order NOW. The album will also be released internationally via the Provident Music Group, a division of Sony Music. Finding Faith have signed a publishing agreement with SHOUT! Music Publishing, a division of Hillsong.

As pre-orders commence this weekend, the first two singles Cornerstone’ and God Is Amazing’ will launch on Good Friday and Easter Sunday respectively as instant grat tracks (instant downloads) on digital platforms.

Andrew and Tim’s pop sensibilities sit well with the familiar worship style that echoes Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, and other contemporaries.  WithFinding Faith, Andrew and Tim hope to add a unique and fresh voice to the genre with melodies and lyrics that are memorable and instantly singable. This 12-track debut features ten original songs and with further evidence of the duo’s desire to bring a new and unique voice to contemporary Christian music, covers of Van Morrison’sIf I Ever Needed Someone’ and Hillsong Worship’s ‘Cornerstone’.


Good Hands

Love Be the River

Precious Life

God Is Amazing

There is Love

If I Ever Needed Someone

Scars & Grace

Bring Down the Heavens



Great Day

God of Grace


Andrew Tierney is the founding member of the Australian pop icon Human Nature, the vocal ensemble that has recorded 12 albums including four #1s, plus scored 17 chart-breaking singles. In the past decade, the group has continued their chart topping international success residing in the US courtesy of their critically acclaimed headlining Las Vegas residency at The Venetian. Andrew remains in Human Nature in addition to Finding Faith.

Timothy Dunfield is the worship/teaching pastor at Sin City Church, Las Vegas. Dunfield has lead a nomadic life via his Canadian missionary parents; born in Boston, raised in Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada before settling in Las Vegas 17 years ago.

Both men have cherished families and began writing and performing together more than two years ago at the South Hills Church where Andrew continues to attend and Tim was lead pastor. The unlikely musical pairing in Las Vegas has now become Finding Faith thanks to the signing of the duo to Tierney’s label home of 23 years by Denis Handlin, Chairman & CEO Sony Music Australia and has lead to US release commitment by Sony Music’s leading Christian music label in the US Provident.A