Emalia shares her latest single ‘2am Habit’

Emalia shares her latest single ‘2am Habit’

Emalia shares her latest single ‘2am Habit’

‘2am Habit’



Rising Australian R&B star Emalia today shares her latest single ‘2am Habit’ through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Listen here.

On the inspiration behind the single, Emalia says, “I was experiencing constant insomnia at the time and I was leaning on bad habits, in a sense, to get me through some of the stuff that life was throwing my way; I was experiencing really bad depression and anxiety.  To me, writing this song was me being really vulnerable and honest with myself, with what I was doing, owning up to it and accepting that it’s okay to lean on different outlets to get through something…but only to a certain point.”

Tying that message into the production of the song has resulted in a track that flourishes in a deep, vibratory bass and highlights Emalia’s evoking lyrics and smooth vocals.

Speaking about the writing and recording process Emalia says, “I try and steer it as much as I can in the direction of what I’m feeling and how I want the track to sound”. Heading into the studio to work with AFTRHRS (Sabrina Claudio,GRAACE)Emalia  arrived with the title, 2am Habit’ and a clear intention, describing the type of beat and overall vibe this song called for to the production duo. “AFTHRS started building a track and it was exactly what I wanted – it was just like they plucked it outta my head! A lot of ‘me’ was poured into that session”.

This single is the follow-up to her debut release ‘Prima Donna’ – which is Emalia’s self-described female-empowerment anthem.

Emalia has spent the past 3 years fine-tuning this project, collaborating with executive producer One Above (Kota Banks, Hilltop Hoods), LA based production duo AFTHRS (Sabrina ClaudioGRAACE), the critically acclaimed Shungudzo and rising star Andy Hopkins.

Based on the strength of her recent output Emalia’s time is right now; she is fully primed to lead the current crop of local pop/R&B artists as they strive to make their mark on a global scale.